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Alternative Lifestyles Inc. is looking for individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. Our team is
made up of roughly 8o employees both part-time and full-time. We offer benefits to eligible employees which include: health insurance,
life insurance, 401K,vacation and sick time. We have job opportunities available NOW for those seeking to make a difference!

Hiring! Responsible to assist with training life skills to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Preparing them to live as independently as possible in their local community. DSP’s must have a high school diploma or the equivalent and a valid drivers licenses.
Hiring! Responsible for the day to day operation of a residential home for individual(s) with intellectual disabilities. Will train residents in daily living skills and supervise 1 to 6 support staff. DSP’s must have a high school diploma or the equivalent, valid drivers licenses, and pass a pre-employment drug screen.
Responsible to coordinate all aspects of the residential program. Must have good management skills, written and oral communication, capable to train and mentor support staff. Must hold at least a BS, BA or RN degree from an accredited learning institution and have a least one year of documented experience working with individuals with intellectual disabilities. Must carry a valid drivers licenses.
Must be able to coordinate the overall wellness of individuals in the residential program. All facets of health including routine and emergency medical care. Responsible to train support staff in accepted health care practices. Must be able to provide current accredited licensure to practice as a an RN/LPN.
Receptionist Office Security Officer is a professional. Must be able make a positive first impression on all people who interact with the organization. Have basic knowledge of office machines and equipment, proficient in Microsoft Office, file and maintain clerical records, and basic accounting skills. Must have at least a high school diploma or plus.

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